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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Ariamet Capital provide investment opportunities to third-party customers?

Ariamet Capital sees the popularization of online trading and the strengthening of its business position in this competitive market as its primary goal. It is easy to understand that the more working capital is involved in the process of exchange transactions and the more people become interested in this business, the closer we are to our goals and the higher the income level of our customers is.


What is the name of the section where I can find information about the company?

If you are interested in our activity and business legitimacy, just look through the site.


What is the main mechanism for making a profit on invested funds?

Ariamet Capital accepts funds from its customers and creates consolidated financial flows of investment funds, carefully analyzing all aspects that may affect the conclusion of a particular exchange transaction. Making a profit, we divide it between clients in accordance with a fixed percentage of profitability, and use the remaining profit directly at our discretion.


Does the company work in certain areas of trading, or does it cover the entire spectrum of exchange trading?

We are trying to look at the business as wide as possible. But at the same time, we are committed to the narrow specialization of our own traders, who focus their efforts on narrow trading sectors. Combining these approaches, we balance and effectively pursue our online trading strategy.


What are the prospects for the development of the company?

 Using the earned profit as the main financial instrument, we are constantly progressing and increasing our presence in the online trading market. Also, we constantly invest in the development of new business areas. In particular, in the development of mining systems, thereby developing not only their own business, but also the technologies associated with it.


What exchanges does Ariamet Capital cooperate with and work with?

 Our company works closely with all the top stock, currency, commodity and cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. We do not rely on a narrow sector of cooperation, trying to cover the widest possible range of investment objects around the world.


What profit does the company guarantee?

All our investment offers are described in the 


Can I register more than one account in the program?

No. If you do this, all accounts will be blocked due to the violation of the Company rules.


Can I delete a personal account?

A personal account cannot be deleted due to the technical features of the system.


Is it possible to terminate a deposit ahead of schedule? Read No.



How to recover a forgotten password? Read

Just use the Password Recovery function located on the company's website and then follow the system instructions.


How to change, update or correct payment details?

To do this, you will need to contact Support Manager.


How to change the email address with which I created a personal account in your programs?

 To do this, you will need to contact the Support.


What is the name of the section of your site through which I can contact support?



What days does the profit accrual take place on?

The Silver, Gold, Diamonds and Platinum Plan investment offers work seven days a week, on calendar days. However, in addition to this group of investment plans, the company provides a variety of opportunities for passive earnings on the basis of other investment decisions. You can always find out more about this by examining the information in the 


How many deposits can I make?

Add-ons are not available. The number of deposits is unlimited except for Amateur, where 1 active deposit is available.


What is the minimum amount I can order for payment?

You can order a minimum payment of 1 USD. There is no maximum amount allowed for payment.


Are there any fees for processing financial transactions?

No, we do not charge any additional fees or commissions.


What payment systems are available for the investment process in your company?

The following electronic payment systems are available for investment: Bitcoin Perfect Money Payeer Ethereum Litecoin


What is the payment schedule in the program?

 Payouts can be processed up to 72 hours.


What opportunities have been realized to receive additional earnings in the company?

You can use our Affiliate program to encourage active customers of the company, described in the Partners section website.


Where are promotional materials posted and where can I find out about my sponsor?

In a personal account. Log in to your personal account and you will find all the necessary information in the corresponding section. Including your partner structure.


Can I count on a referral reward without a personal deposit?

Ariamet Capital reserves the right to fine, temporarily or permanently suspend a partner with a leadership status that officially promotes or has been observed promoting other companies, thereby damaging the reputation of the company and other leaders.    Penalties are considered individually, depending on the severity of the violation.


Is it possible to replenish an account and immediately withdraw funds to the same or another payment system?

Read If you replenished your account, you need to open a deposit for this amount. Funds the account was replenished with cannot be withdrawn without having fulfilled the full term of the deposit. If the client replenishes the account and puts this amount to the withdrawal to the payment system with which it was replenished or another system available, the application will be canceled and the deposit will be automatically opened on an arbitrary plan.


What if I found a technical error / bug on the site?

You need to report a bug to Technical Support and receive a cash reward. Using an error / bug for your own benefit is prohibited!